Sri Lanka won only their second Test series since August 2014 and six Test series after the win over Pakistan in our own great Mahela Jayawardena’s farewell series, apart from a Test series win over hapless West Indies in October 2015.

Why this series is of that much of significance is that our SL team was in a dessert going on their journey, which is International Cricket, for almost a year or two, finding their way through, without much success and having rough times on and off the field, found an oasis in the form of a series white wash win over world no. 1 Test team in Australia.

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Dimuth Karunarathne picked up by Mitchell Starc, has been the familiar mention on the three scorecards of Sri Lanka vs Australia Test series so far.

Dimuth, being an opening batsman only have faced 16 balls in the 3 innings so far and 15 of them have been delivered by Mitchell Starc and the other by Josh Hazelwood. All 3 dismissals have one common thing as far as I have seen on television screen which Dimuth is staying deep in his crease and trying to meet the ball only with the bat just as poking at it. Dimuth seems to have a mental barrier against Mitchell Starc and his thunder bolts.

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Sri Lanka finally won a Test match in 2016. Their record in 2016 is so abysmal that this is their 2nd win against a Test playing nation.

The 6 wins in 2016 comprised with a T20I win vs India in February, a T20I win vs UAE in March, a T20I win vs Afghanistan in March, 2 ODI wins over Ireland in June and 1st Test vs Australia in July. This is a pretty poor outing from an International Test side.

Sri Lanka had been a dominant home team over the years but since South Africa toured in 2014 that record is being further tarnished by Pakistan and India in 2015 apart from a consolation 2 Tests vs clueless West Indies.Di

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The role of an opening fast bowler in Test Cricket is sound and simple, other than being vital, that is to try to make opposition opening batsmen play each and every ball and take advantage of the pitch and swing and seam of the new cherry. We talk about big bats, bulky edges when discussing batting these days, but some things never change about Test Cricket when facing up the new harder ball, the tendency to feel the ball to the bat and the vulnerability of the batsmen on and around the off stump in the so called corridor of uncertainty. So as an opening bowler, you have every chance of getting early breakthroughs if you make opening batsmen play as much as possible.

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Sri Lankan Cricket team just had a productive year in Test Cricket, mixed resulted year in ODIs and a fabulous year in T20Is in 2014 to go with a mixed bag in 2015 so far. They just seemed to be playing a new brand of Cricket which I thought would inject something positive for Sri Lanka Cricket in the future.

Yet I feel something is missing in them at the moment. They just lost to Pakistan by 10 wickets at Galle, one of their fortresses. This is their second defeat in three matches in the grounds beginning from their last defeat against South Africa in July 2014. Sri Lankans are still number 1 in T20I rankings and doing pretty good in ODIs although they need to learn and practice some of the tactics to be used in modern day Cricket and fine tune their play. But they have not become an International force in Test Cricket except for a handful of individual greats in the history of the game. That’s why I would like to pick Sri Lankan team’s performances in Test Cricket in to account on this article during the recent past.

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We were required to undergo a 6 months of Internship Training during our last semester of Bachelor of Computer Science Degree in University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka. This was August 2013 and it was compulsory and several credits were given and with the completion of the training period the general degree was to be completed. I was interviewed and got selected to a local company with reputation in the local market and in the International market to a lesser extent. There were 6 other fellow interns from University of Colombo School of Computing, Sri Lanka, with me scheduled to undergo the internship training with me.

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